Useless, Unimportant or Unicorn

I have been doing some thinking about my future, my career and my peers. A wise friend told me about unicorns and it made me think more around personality types. My mind settled on three types, there are of course many more, but these three were the ones that resonated with me.

Useless – someone who is seen as not good. No matter what the situation and circumstances. They haven’t failed at anything per se, they could well be a team player, quietly just getting on. Their successes and achievements lost behind a perception that someone once made that has stuck. More often than not they are hard working but will never be recognised as such. Useless not because of their work or skills, useless as in not deserving of time, praise, attention or development.

Unimportant – someone who is a workhorse, they plod through their tasks, everything done to a particular level, nothing forgotten. They are reliable, so reliable they are barely now noticed as a person, transcending to the point of almost being assets/equipment. Solid, dependable, never a question that they just won’t be there, doing what they do. Unimportant not because their function is unnecessary, unimportant as in need no time, praise, attention or development.

Unicorn – someone who is a bit of an enigma, a bit of an annoyance, usually ahead of their time and misunderstood. Often passionate and focussed, with a focus and vision that often is hard to describe. They aim for the stars, see nothing as impossible, have no obstructions. They often are shy, but also animated and outgoing. Unicorns because they are rare, difficult and people don’t really understand how to manage/interact with them.

Me, I am definitely a unicorn. 100%, no doubt. I recognise this and am starting to try and take steps to address it and help others understand me more.

As managers and leaders we need to be aware of personality types and people that work with us and how we develop and get the best out of them. All types need motivating, an outcome to aim for and help to achieve their dreams and desires.

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