About Me

I’m Pete, a guy in his 40s living  in North Wales. I’m passionate about many things, in particular local independent businesses and producers who enrich the area, but also people, career and development.


Born in the North (a Yorkshire lad) I transplanted to the Home Counties 15 or so years ago. I like to travel, love food (cooking and eating out), love a good farmers/artisan market. I’m often found wandering aimlessly around taking photos (all on iPhone, I gave up on a real camera years ago), often stopping for a tea or coffee and a cake.

This blog will be me doing one of two things: offering comment/views on pertinent topics relating to work, career, lifestyle; or just offloading my thoughts on random subjects.

In my career I have worked in health and utilities (I dabbled in software development and management information for a while – but that didn’t last long). I care about others’ wellbeing, so health was a good fit.

A common theme has been supporting others to achieve their best and advance themselves/their career, but also helping people work out their fit and what drives them. This has been achieved through training, support, mentoring and as a trusted friend.

I have been lucky to work with some great and inspirational folk, and some terrible managers, and both groups taught me lots.

Travel is a passion of mine: exploring, finding new places, going on adventures and challenging myself to do things outside my comfort zone. I have a major fear of heights but have climbed 2,000 ft up a waterfall, stood on cliff edges and walked on mountains.

So this blog will be a ‘Tale of two Peteys’, showing insight into my professional and personal life. I hope you will join me and enjoy reading.

Footnote: I don’t like to talk about myself, so found it hard to get started on this ‘About me’ section. So I thought it would be a good idea to ask my friends to give me some words that they thought described me, as I thought it would help get me started. Their list is below, I will post without comment, make of it what you will …..

“Northern”, “Tall”, “Grumpy but smiley”, “Esoteric”, “Funny”, “Curmudgeonly”, “Eccentric”, “Worldly wise”, “Private”, “Devoted”, “Supporter”, “Loyal (even under severe provocation)”, “Generous”, “Independent minded”, “Thoroughly decent bloke”.