What is success?

Success is a strange concept, we all seek it, we all have a unique definition of it. Most of us know and want to learn and emulate traits of successful people.

People like Steve Jobs, Ed Catmull, Richard Branson and David M Kelley fascinate me, as does their success. They are/were all highly motivated people, they set goals and achieve, no matter how unlikely success may seem. Their self belief is high, but is not based upon arrogance, rather on vision and upon a track record of achievement.

So what does success mean to me?

It means knowing I am good at what I do, that I am respected, that I earn enough for a comfortable life.

It also means that I am helping others further their career, achieve their goals and plan for their future.

But there is something else. I measure success by the fact I am still here, still alive, still relatively sane and focussed.

The last few years of my life have been challenging on a personal and professional front. I have lost two close family members, other family members, and friends. I have watched people in my family suffer, and have suffered alongside them.

I also have suffered from a sustained period of time working in a job I loved, but with people who eroded my self worth and confidence. During that time I changed and part of me was taken away. Then I was made redundant and searched for a new job.

I don’t measure a mans success by how hight he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits the bottom – General George S Patton

The success I see in myself is defined by the quote above. I climbed, and continue to aim and climb, high both in my personal and professional life. I know I am successful as I am still here and I am still aiming high.

The other element of success, in my eyes, is encapsulated by the people that I named above. They have always, and continue to push boundaries. They develop others along side them and inspire them to be the best they can.

Inspiring others is a huge part of success, many people are successful, and work hard for that success and the associated reward and enjoy the spoils of that success but don’t share their knowledge and success with other.

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