Strength is something that we all need, most of us have, but we never know how much we have until we need it. I’m not talking physical strength but the mental kind, the kind that pushes us forward at times when we want to just curl up in a ball and lie down.

Most people have a lot of strength but don’t realise it. Every day contains some sort of a challenge, and they rise up to it and move forward.

I have had many challenges in my life, some harder to deal with than others. People have often asked me where I found the strength to cope and carry on, the truth is I didn’t. I carried on as the days and challenges kept coming. I woke up in the morning and had a day ahead, I got to the end of that day, slept, and the cycle continued.

That strength is core to all of us, but some struggle to reach it. I know a lot of people who are stronger than they think. People who are raising their children as single parents, those who are nursing and caring for sick relatives, those with children who put their happiness before their own. Others struggle with debt, health issues, confidence or work problems.

They all have an inner strength and use it and will, most probably, never think that anything they do is reliant on their strength, just that life goes on and they need to cope.

This strength is not never ending though and like much in life needs to be topped up and cared for. For me my recharging used to be to lose myself in a book, a movie, a walk, cook, spend time with friends and family. Now this has expanded to include what I call my therapy.

While you may not feel strong, when you need strength it will be there. But it doesn’t come from you alone. Take strength from those around you who care for you. No man is an island.

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