Plan versus Reality

I am a great believer in fate, the concept that things happen for a reason. Often I will tell people that there is always a reason, sometimes it just takes us a while to understand it.

Also I am always telling people that strength often means being able to adapt and continue, that those that we think of as strong are in fact just good at adapting and changing their plans to match their changed situation.

For me I have never been a great planner. Rather I have been a good adapter, whatever comes along I respond to and roll with. Whether this has been in family life through difficult times, or through work when my career has taken a turn.

Recently we took the big decision that we would relocate to Wales. Something I have wanted to do for a long time, but that my partner has taken longer to come around to.

When we decided to move, I started a job search. I found and applied for a perfect role. One which combined coaching and mentoring, with planning and developing products. Product plans, analysis, market research, competitor analysis. All sorts of things that really excited me.

The move happened and I had taken some time off in between roles. Then last week I received the worst of news. The company are now in a recruitment freeze and a week before I was due to start my job offer has been withdrawn.

Of course, I was gutted. I have been excitedly telling my old colleagues, family and friends (and to be honest anyone who would listen) about my excitement in finding and securing this role.

As it happens, we were on our way to visit with my family, en route to a festival for the weekend. This gave me the opportunity to think about this, process, feel low. All while in the safe environment of my family home. The festival then gave me 3 days to refocus.

Today I started my job search afresh. I have lodged details with 2 agencies, dropped my CV to 3 companies and applied for 13 jobs. Tomorrow I have a list of job boards and agencies to contact.

In addition to all of this I have had some wonderful colleagues and contacts reach out to me and make some introductions. Something which I appreciate massively. I know that personally I would only recommend people who I have the utmost confidence in their abilities. So not only is this a wonderful thing to do, it has also boosted me mentally at a tough time.

This whole thing has reminded me of the picture below. I see this a lot it always bolsters me and when I am coaching people I always let them know that the path to success is never linear. Lots of hard work and direction change, and challenge along the way. But we only ever see the success and a version of the story that we want to see.

Plan vs Reality. Plan is a straight line to finish. Reality is a whole series of challenges, with lots of falls as well as rises.
Plan vs reality.

So my message to you all this week is hang in there. My mum always said to me that anything worth having is worth working hard for. She also said things are sent to try us, it is how we respond that defines us.

I am defined as adaptable, tenacious and focussed. My success will come and I will work hard for it.

One thought on “Plan versus Reality

  1. Ms. Elle Zed July 31, 2019 / 12:58 pm

    Great attitude. We’ll get to where we need to be…eventually!


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