Cruising on the Thames

I often walk or run down the side of the Thames in Reading. From my house I can run 5km with a great portion of it by the river. Often I will go for a walk on a weekend morning, usually around by the river.

As a result I am very familiar with Thameside Promenade. The houses, fields, river and nature. In the winter seeing the snow, the early morning mist rising off the water. Sunrise over the fields, and the sound of rowing clubs practising on the Thames.

As a result I have never been on one of the cruises run by Thames Rivercruise although I know lots of people who have. One year I almost attended a Christmas Party cruise, but I couldn’t make it. Among the options are a number of different cruises around the area, some with food, afternoon tea or live music. Mapledurham, Goring and Abbey Ruins are amongst the destinations

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Cupcakes and fizz – with a side order of fun

On Wednesday this week I did something new. Together with my partner and two friends we went to a cupcake decorating class …. with a difference.

When I heard that three of my favourite people were getting together to create an event I knew it would be special. I wasn’t wrong.

The wonderful local celebration/cupcake maker Natalie from  Cuppies n Cream had teamed up with The Tasting House and Bench Rest to do a cupcake and fizz eventing. Continue reading