Cupcakes and fizz – with a side order of fun

On Wednesday this week I did something new. Together with my partner and two friends we went to a cupcake decorating class …. with a difference.

When I heard that three of my favourite people were getting together to create an event I knew it would be special. I wasn’t wrong.

The wonderful local celebration/cupcake maker Natalie from  Cuppies n Cream had teamed up with The Tasting House and Bench Rest to do a cupcake and fizz eventing.

As The Tasting House was the venue it would have been rude to not partake in a glass of wine while we assembled (a smokey, tobacco and chocolate flavoured deep Spanish red if you were wondering). Phil from Anonymous Coffee tempted me with a Pastel de nata also (it would have been rude not to).

Then it was time to start. As well as some ‘plain’ (naked?) cupcakes for us to decorate Natalie had brought a lovely selection of cupcakes to try (Strawberry, Chocolate/Salted Carmel, Red Velvet, Vanilla, Blueberry and Lemon). Not only did they taste great but they looked stunning.

Now I was worried. How am I going to make anything anywhere near as good as those.

We soon found out. We started with a little discussion on equipment (nozzles, piping bag, angled spatula) and a few tips on buttercream creation (I’m giving away no secrets). Then Natalie taught us to create swirls, rose and tulips.

My results were mixed.
Classic swirl – useless
Rose – not bad
Tulips – not too bad

It was all great fun. Informal, educational, trickier than expected, but overall great fun. Also, as it was accompanied by fizz, very sociable.

The evening ended with us having (more) cupcakes and a great mix of food from the lovely Laura (Bench Rest). I am a great fan of her food anyway, but the nibbles were amazing. Hummus. Sourdough bread. Halloumi and polenta bites. Mushroom and creams cheese blinis. Salmon and cream cheese blinis. Lots of pimenton. As usual a feast for the eyes as well as so very tasty.

Overall a great evening. Met some lovely people, had some amazing cakes, nibbles, fizz and learned a new skill. Also got to take 6 cupcakes away (my colleagues appreciated them the next day).

A well as making amazing cakes for events and celebrations, alongside teaching cake decorating classes at The Cake College Natalie also finds time to write a wonderful baking, food and travel blog Hello Cuppies

3 thoughts on “Cupcakes and fizz – with a side order of fun

  1. Sheila Murray March 23, 2019 / 11:35 am

    That was interesting, informative and also mouthwatering delicious. I felt I was on the journey with you without leaving home!

    Liked by 1 person

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