Music makes the memories come together

Having had music as a constant companion to some rising and falling emotions over my lifetime I thought I would take some time to think over what music means to me and how it can make us feel.

I personally love it when I hear a song and it brings back floods of memories, be they happy or sad, people or places, or just events that stick in the mind.

Some songs, one or two notes of an opening can give me goosebumps and have the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck standing on end (Elbow – One day like this, does this to me every time).

Music can split opinion like no other, what is maudlin and depressing to one person holds happy memories for others. Music tastes can also surprise you, some people like artists or music styles you would never have imagined, or hate ones you would have guessed they would love.

I like all sorts of music and my tastes change to my mood. If am feeling down a quick blast of Radiohead and Athlete can lift my spirits. Muse always leave me on a high. Anything played on the violin or solo acoustic guitar can pull on the heartstrings and you cant beat a bit of cheesy pop or a show tune for a singalong.

Music is a constant companion and a best friend who wont talk back but will sooth and calm or pump up and invigorate. Recently I have been using the shuffle function on my music app of choice, I go into my library of songs, and it has been great. Lots of old gems, not heard for a while, have accompanied me on walks and I have arrived at my destination with a smile on my face and happy memories in my my mind.

As someone who has absolutely no musical talents whatsover I love going to gigs. The thrill from seeing a talented artist stand in front of an audience and do their thing. I am lucky that Reading has a number of gig venues, some small festivals and, of course, the festival, so I get to indulge this pleasure often.


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