Currency and Value – Hugs as a new form of currency

I had a conversation recently with one of my friends about hugs. One element of the conversation was about the value of hugs.

This made me think about the wider sense of value.
What is value, and what value is there in a currency?

If you look at currency in the recent years, there has been lots of discussion about devaluing currency, lots of nations coming together with a common currency as a way of closer economic union. At the time a great idea, on reflection maybe not so, as lots of those nations are now struggling.

So back to hugs. Hugs have a great deal of value, they can have many meanings loving, uplifting, caring, comforting to name a few.

What value can you place on a hug?
Well when you are feeling low, lonely, or unloved then a hug has immense value. Someone who cares about you taking you in their arms and for a few seconds making you the centre of their world. Transferring comfort to you, letting you know that someone cares.

So actually hugs have immense value, in fact the type of value that money/currency can’t buy.
They bring you caring, love and compassion.
They make you the centre of the world for as long as they last.
They are plentiful, for as long as they are repaid and as long as they are meant, there is no limit to how many hugs you can have.

Rich or poor hugs are always available, and you can spread the love and good feeling by spreading the hugs.

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