We’re going through changes

I remember at many points when studying and evolving through my career having the Kubler Ross Change Curve referenced many times. This works on the premise that you come into  change and go through various stages, then come out of the other side, post change. But the reality is we are always going through changes, and in different places on the curve for many changes at the same time.

But this post isn’t about change in that way. This post is about where I am in my life right now, how I got here, and what the future holds. Sounds intriguing right. So lets start with the whats happening now.

Current Challenge

For a while it has been my intention to move away from city living and to a more rural lifestyle, 10 minutes to the sea, 10 minutes to the mountains has been a mantra for a while now. Finally it is happening, we are in the late stages of our house sale, we have found a property to move to, a rental, while we look for our next permanent home.

Sounds fine, a challenge, but nothing to big right. Well kind of, lots of people move home regularly right?
Only our move is a little different, we are moving from the Home Counties to North Wales. Which is approximately 300 miles and 5 hours on a good journey. So a few additional challenges there. But if you are going to make a change, make it a big one right.

Past History

This is not my first move, or even my first big move. From when I was embarking on my career I have been a little nomadic, also have been open to change and exploration of different career options.

As a result I have worked in Edinburgh, Dublin, Worcester, Reading, Basingstoke and many more. I have worked in software development, healthcare, business development, management information, analytics, bar/restaurant trade amongst others. As well as changing location I have also worked in different areas, travelling with my jobs, including across Europe.

Along the way I have learned lots, loved, and lost lots. Also I have made very good friends and relationships that endure time and distance. I realise how very lucky I am that this is the case, and I am very very grateful to all those people.

Some of the things I have learned are, it is as brave to stay where you are, doing what you are doing as it is to move on and make a huge change. Good people will always be by your side no matter where you are, they will guide you, protect you, comfort and support you.

A change of career can give you lots of learning, reference and experience, different views, approaches and theories that can really boost your worth as a person. The opposite applies, without the people who have in depth knowledge and experience of a field to bring history and show pain points and flaws in current methods and processes, then how would we know what needs to change.

Some of this change was through choice, some was enforced (through redundancy for example) but all of it happened for a reason.

The future

Here lies even more change for me. As well as the move, I am looking for a new job, maybe a new career. One change that is already certain is that I am going to continue on my coaching journey. I have a lot to give and want to continue that.

Another constant will be blogging, social media, developing my brand and more importantly supporting small businesses. Until now that has been focussed on the town where I live (which will continue even when I am not here as I am passionate in maintaining and building the great indie scene that exists, and have come to know and respect the business owners (Many of them have made big changes to be where they are currently)). I will add a focus on my new area and hope to bring benefits there too.

But career wise I will be looking at all options, and again making a value judgement on what comes next.


So as well as all of this change I want to leave you with some thoughts on change.

Firstly is that not all change is bad, whether we choose to change or the change is presented/done to us.
Secondly I don’t like change, despite so much of it in my life, I have a healthy level of fear of change, I just overcome it and see what happens.
Also, with a lot of change, if it doesn’t work out or deliver what we thought it was, we can always work to revert back to how things were before
I no longer talk about change as such, I prefer to use transition. My career coach recommended that I read William Bridges take on Transition the theory and Bridges book totally changed my outlook

So don’t fear change, embrace transition. Why not read up on change and transition and see what effect it has on your personal and professional lives?





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